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Our Vision


We are dedicated to restore the hope of abandoned and orphaned children in the country of Guatemala by providing a loving home within a safe and educational environment. We will strive to build a relationship of trust with every child in order to bring healing and wholeness to his or her life. We will introduce stability by teaching them to take responsibility for their future, which in turn empowers them and helps build their character. We believe in creating opportunities for growth and advancement, with the goal of positioning our children to succeed in every future endeavor, and to be beacons of hope for future orphan generations. It is our hope that each child who makes My Home Project their home will grow to be wholly integrated, independent, and productive members of society.

Loving, Restoring,

& Educating


  • A Home with a Loving Family

  • Medical Attention and Counseling

  • Character Development

  • Academic Reinforcement

  • Educational Scholarships

  • Art Programs, Computer Courses, English Classes, Sports, and more. 



Environments in Our Facilities


  • Home Environment

  • Study Area

  • Psychology & Medical Clinics 

  • Computer Lab

  • Offices

  • Playground

  • Multipurpose Room/Dining Room


Academic Programs


  • Art and Painting

  • Language and Communication

  • Computer

  • Dance and Pantomime

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Physical Education

  • Bible Studies

  • Photography

  • English


Community Involvement


  • Team Sports

  • Music Programs

  • Participation as Volunteers

  • Local Church Visits

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